Stay in a residence for students in Malta

Buildings similar to hotels or mini apartments

Ideal for students of the age of 18 and over

Some schools have student residences, they are buildings similar to hotels, generally divided into rooms or mini apartments shared with students from the same school. Residences usually have the kitchen and some sharing services.

Accommodation in residence is in fact an ideal solution to share, with many foreign students, many moments of your daily life in Malta after the lessons.

Student residences are reserved only for students of the age of 18 and over, and are ideal for up to 25 or 30 years. Depending on your needs, you can decide whether to stay in a single, double or shared room.
It is guaranteed the cleaning of rooms or apartments and the supply of towels and bed linen.


Some Malta residences are small and familiar, others are very large. Some have swimming pools and gymnasiums, others have common canteens, others ca have parks and relaxation areas. Whatever residence you choose it’s a great solution for you to socialize and share.

If you are a parent and you are thinking of keeping your children in a residence, it’s good to know that schools do not generally use the same residences for the minors and the over 18. The structures are in fact distinct.
Minors under the Maltese law can’t stay alone in residence. For this reason, some schools organize "study holidays" for teenagers, which include, among other things, 24h supervision by a team leader, even in housing.

In this case, schools prefer to use other residences or hotels in areas of Malta that are far from the movida and often far from the same schools, in any case transportation to and from school is guaranteed.