Stay in a host family in Malta

Single or double room with the half board or full board service

An ideal solution for all ages

During your study stay in Malta you may want to stay at a local family.


It’s an ideal solution for all ages, from children to adults, and it’s customary to stay in a host family even for young people of twenty or thirty years old.

Thanks to this unique experience you will have the opportunity to know better the culture and traditions of the island directly by living the Maltese domestic daily life.

In addition, by talking to family members who will host you, you will have the opportunity to practice your English in a family environment and this will allow you to improve it and speed up your learning.
Host families are chosen directly by the schools which operate a very accurate selection that meets all standards of reliability, security and hospitality.

Very often the family that welcomes you is located close to school, so you can reach school even on foot and make it simpler. You can usually choose the half board or full board service.
You can, almost always, choose to stay in a single room or share it with other students.

Bed linen and towels are always provided and, of course, the cleaning of rooms and bathrooms is guaranteed.
It’s possible that, like in every family, there might be rules to be observed regarding the use of common areas, the washing machine or the kitchen. The family hosts you and welcomes you, it is nice for you to respect the times of meals and customs.

All Maltese families proposed by InMalta are authorized by the Ministry of Tourism to welcome and host students. It is necessary in fact, in Malta, to obtain a license issued by the Ministry after verifying compliance with the law.
Each family can accommodate up to 4 foreign students at the same time, even with different schools, this will make your experience more dynamic.

Before booking you may report any food intolerance or allergies, such as pets. After booking, InMalta will provide you with a detailed family form with members name and surname, their profession, their contacts, any other children, pets, habits and lifestyle.

You can also contact your host family before arriving in Malta. If you are a parent you can call the family by reporting the rules you want your children to respect.