Accommodations for adults

InMalta helps you choose the right accommodation during your study stay. You will be able to choose between different types of accommodations, all a few steps away from school.

The choice of the accommodation is crucial and important rather than that of the school, an incorrect choice will result negatively on your entire path.
Let us advise you to get the most out of your study experience in Malta.
All the lodgings offered by InMalta and the schools keep in mind the "educational" factor, that is, they are thought to be in function of the main purpose of your stay: learn English.
Adults can stay in a family, in a residence, in an apartment shared by students, at the hotel. It is always possible to choose to stay in double or twin room or single room.

Whatever the desired solution, we try to respect, for what possible, the allocation criteria: rooms and apartments shared with students of other countries.
The accommodation offered also respects the proximity criteria, you will not have to take any public bus to reach the school.

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From June 2016 in Malta, the residence tax enter into force: every student (from 18 years of age) will have to pay 50 cents per night, up to a maximum of 10 nights, up to a maximum of 5.00 Euros. The residence tax is collected by the school and / or the provider of the accommodation. The item may be billed, but payment may be required on arrival. The proceeds will be used by the government to beautify and care for tourist areas