Shared apartments

The apartments are usually composed of 2 or 3 rooms with 2 or 3 bathrooms

The most suitable accomodation for young people

An accommodation solution, certainly the most suitable for young people, for several weeks study stays, and ideal if you want more autonomy than family accommodation, is to reside in shared flats with other students.

The apartments offered are all owned by InMalta or the schools, which allows you to have an excellent nationality mix even after lessons.

The apartments are usually composed of 2 or 3 rooms with 2 or 3 bathrooms. They are located near the chosen school so that they can be reached even on foot.

You will be able to choose the single room or the most economical double room, sharing with a student of the same sex who attends the same school or nearby school.

Weekly cleaning is usually guaranteed and bed linen and towels are provided. All the apartments are equipped with kitchen, so you have complete autonomy in preparing your meals. They also have a washing machine and, most of them, TV and wi-fi internet connection. At the time of booking you will receive the exact address so you can be aware of the actual distance from the school.
Apartments can be "cheap", "standard" and "superior". The main differences are in the furnishings of the rooms, the type of kitchen and the bathroom furniture. You will then have economical solutions with sharing room and bathroom or more expensive solutions with private room and bathroom.


What not to do?

We know you're thinking the same thing!

If your goal is to improve English, trust in InMalta, do not choose shared accommodation with workers or sub-rent rooms found on internet or on social networks. It’s true that school accommodation, especially in the high season, costs a bit more, but it is also true that they guarantee you a good nationality mix in your apartment or residence.

Staying with people of your same country or taking a room in sub-rent from them just to save money, will have a negative impact on your school performance.

If you find yourself for several hours of the day, in your home, with people of your own nationality, and often with different goals than yours, you will not speak in English, you will not work hard and many of your sacrifices will be fruitless!

Why waste this opportunity? It’s not worth it for a little saving, better, instead, shorten your stay!