Accommodations for Teenagers on holiday studio in Malta

InMalta helps you choose the right accommodation for your son's vacation studio. You will be able to choose between different types of logistic accommodations, which will be proposed as far as possible in the schools’ neighborhood.
The choice of accommodation is as important as that of the school, in fact, an incorrect choice will negatively affect its entire path.
Let InMalta advised you, we will be able to offer you the most appropriate solution based on the reference budget and age.
Not all accommodations are suitable for young people who certainly need more protection.
Unaccompanied adolescents throughout the year can only stay in a host family, selected and licensed by the Ministry of Tourism and the Maltese Ministry of Education.
For the summer season, and for other special periods of the year, such as Christmas holidays and Easter holidays, there is an interesting alternative: staying together in the residences and in the hotels chosen by the school, entrusted to team- Qualified leaders.
Remember that the accommodations offered are properties of InMalta or the schools and this will allow your son to have an excellent nationality mix even after classes. All the accommodations offered by InMalta and the schools, in fact, take into account the "educational" factor, that is, they are designed according to the main purpose of their stay: to learn English.

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