Become an InMalta partner

Do you have a travel agency? Do you have a language school in Italy? Are you an organizer of student groups? We are your ideal interlocutor.

InMalta is the only Maltese tour operator that represents and has constant relationships with all the English schools in Malta.
We live and work in Malta, we know the territory, we constantly visit schools and their housing. We evaluate extracurricular activities and the services offered by schools.
That is why we are the only "super partes" interlocutor you can have here on site.
If you have a travel agency, a language school or you organize student groups we can do business together.
Since InMalta manages a large number of students with favorable economic conditions, if you add to this our presence on the Maltese territory, you can easily understand why organizing a group of students, even if it’s your first time, you can sleep quiet.
We have two methods of affiliation:
- Basic: sending students to Malta is not your main job, but it may happen. You have a group or some students to send to Malta and you don’t know where to start or you don’t have time. In this case we will take care of everything from school choice to accommodation, extracurricular activities, boarding, supervision if necessary. We will handle payments management to suppliers and any other fulfillment. If necessary, we will talk with the students and with the parents, we will give any information before and during the mortal experience. You will have a commission on the sale and you won’t have any other thoughts. You will be able to dedicate yourself to something else and earn anyway just because of having brought students to Malta.
Avanced: sending students to Malta is not your main job, but it happens, or you can have it happen often. This affiliate formula foresees an active involvement in the marketing and promotion of InMalta, with the clients of your travel agency, with the parents of your country's school students, with your language school students. You will be able to have an internet site within ours, such as, where you will have all the information you want to give your students. All the contacts that will come from your website (besides those that you insert from the agents area) will be handled by you autonomously through a management software. You can send quotes (we will be able to do so), you will be able to create packages, you will have the support of an InMalta Tutor for every need. You will have a commission on the sale.

Find more information by visiting the website dedicated to travel agencies and language schools that wish to send students to Malta, visit