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For any kind of purchase, you do need to have an indicative or maximum budget. Before InMalta can propose any solution it's important for us to be aware of it.
How many times have you seen in a shop window a 500 euro suit or dress and you haven’t bought it because too expensive for you? Which car have you decided to buy? A used one for 5000 Euro or a new one for 20,000 or 50,000 Euro? The budget isn’t a price, it’s an idea of what could be your expense. Representing all schools in Malta, we can propose solutions that represent the best value for money based on your planned budget.
Is It important to have a budget? Yes. If it’s too low we will tell that we can’t satisfy your request. If it’s low we will indicate you the aspects on which the school will have you save money and then the negative points for you. If it’s good we will recommend schools that have the best quality / price ratio and then, if it’s very good, we will recommend the best schools in Malta with the best courses, the best accommodation and the best services.
In any case you can’t have the best school, the best course, the best accommodation or the best service at the least cost. Pain and Gain. This must be accepted.
Many teenagers study in Malta. For a week you can spend 400 Euro, but also 800 Euro if you want a high level of accommodation, great meals and excellent services, even 1200 Euro if you add private teachers in the afternoon, even more if you add expensive sports activities (diving, parasailing or other).
InMalta creates the study holiday for your child or teenager with the best quality according to your budget. This is our work. The average for a package of good level is around 500/550 Euro per week in a family accommodation and about 600-700 Euro per week in residence.
Why do study holidays for teenagers cost more than a package for adults? In Malta the costs of courses for teens include English courses, transfers from /to airport, afternoon and evening activities, accommodation (family or residence), meals (full board), supervision and much more. They are more expensive than the normal courses, but if you are not with your parents, for a stay in Malta, this is the only recommended solution.

Established the budget, considering the average for a good course, you must determine the duration. If your budget, for example is 1300 Euro, you might choose a course of 2 weeks in a residence and a high level school with high services. If you’re interested in a less quality service, you might think to attend for three weeks asking InMalta a school level a bit lower or a family accommodation which is a cheaper. This choice is up to you. If your budget for example is 1300 Euro and you would like to attend for 4 weeks, InMalta can’t indicate you the best school with the best courses.

Established more or less your budget and the duration, you need to choose the course. For children or teenagers we recommend a weekly course of 20 sessions, each session lasts 45 minutes. The hours are generally in the morning from 9:00 to 10:30 and from 11:00 to 12:30 every day, Monday to Friday. The classes are international and the maximum number of students per class varies according to the school. They can usually be at most 15 per class, in economic schools even a little bit more. You may also choose for your son a course which includes other 10 sessions per week in group, in the afternoon, usually from 13:30 to 15:00. This option has an extra cost. If you wish, instead of group lessons, you could have private lessons in the afternoon, this also has an extra cost.

Established more or less your budget, duration and type of course, you must choose the school. Since you don't have knowledge of all schools, it will be really hard to understand the differences among more than 20 schools that organize study holidays for teenagers in Malta. This is the reason why you should contact us at this point: if you have established budget, duration and type of course we can help you a lot.
Like anything else, schools can be very good, good and, unfortunately, not so good but they will always be schools, teaching English, authorized by the Ministry of Education. There are FELTOM schools (the Federation that has certified the 19 best schools in Malta) and there are schools that aren’t. There are very large schools, where your son can have many relationships and friendships, there are medium-sized schools and there are small ones. There are schools that have new buildings, modern classrooms, clean environments and there are schools that have old buildings and classes a bit outdated. There are schools that have all classrooms air-conditioned, others that use fans. There are schools that use multimedia interactive whiteboards making interactive lessons and there are schools that use traditional methods. There are schools that have many spaces for socializing, for example lounges, terraces and there are schools that have few spaces. There are schools that have classes designed for teenagers and others that in summer rent other buildings where classes are held. There are schools that have their own residences and dwellings and there are schools that rent hotels to accommodate the kids. There are schools that have housing close to the classes, others where the distance can be even 45 minutes by bus. There are schools that have contacts with the best host families in Malta and there are schools that tend less to the quality of families. There are schools with canteens and restaurants others that don’t have them. There are schools that organize only one or two weekly extracurricular activities, other schools that keep your kids busy every day. There are schools offering activities, field trips, the most beautiful excursions, others that save a bit on this. Schools that spare no expense for your children to live a worthwhile and unforgettable experience, others that save on the whole. There are schools and schools. There are schools of all levels. There’re schools for all costs and budgets.

Rely on InMalta. We only need to know more of what you are looking for your children, something more about them, their goals, their needs, maybe their tastes, passions, past experiences . And if you have already decided the budget, duration and the course, we will propose the school with the best compromise quality / price for what you asked for.

No school will really tell the truth about everything because they "must sell" their product and to anybody. We are non-partisan, we are InMalta and we know the truth.
We have realized and realize many videos, many photos, not to sell but to show the truth.
We won’t say that a school has its own residence if it doesn't. We'll also say to you how really far the residence is from school and what’s their real level.
We'll be honest with you.

Nowadays each one of us does a lot of researches on Google and then we get "bombarded" by advertisements that relate to the searched product. It’s normal that you've seen an advertisement of a school where they show you what they want and not what it really is.
The advertisement is expensive and your children pay for it. That's why you could pay a higher amount: not for more and better quality but for marketing and advertising costs.

Of course you can do it. If you book through InMalta though,you will have many benefits more than the direct booking with the school. Meanwhile, you will have a global insurance totally free. Also remember that we are located in Malta and we will be in Malta during your son’s stay if he needs us.

We are real people and you can talk to us by phone or chat through the website but after you have established all details and the price you must fill out the pre-registration form. We will email it to you in word format. You'll have to fill it out and send it to so that within a few days you will receive the confirmation of your booking and the pro-forma invoice of your study stay. If you haven’t booked your flights don’t worry, you can communicate all details afterwards. You will have to make a bank transfer for the deposit, we'll give you all details.
The percentage, according to the school, may be 20-30% of the total amount. You must send to the bank transfer receipt (a scan or an identifiable photo). Once received the first payment we will activate the global insurance which also covers the possible cancellation of the study trip and we will mail the Insurance card. For a few months there will be no need to stay in touch. The online test and the balance payment will be carried out within 15 days your arrival in Malta, so about three weeks before your arrival in Malta. Again you will need to send us the receipt of the balance payment and communicate your flight details, if you haven’t done it yet. We will then send a new confirmation that everything is correct and that nothing is missing for your children’s booking.

The best schools are the most requested and the availability of all the courses usually end up in December, January or February. Booking well in advance is really convenient and it's really cheap, for example, on a study vacation of 1300 Euro in August, you will book with a payment of 325 Euro. The balance will need to be done only 15 days before arrival, in the middle of July. Remember that all schools in Malta, from the best one to the less good one, in summer are all full and in the weeks between July and August it’s impossible to find availability in residences or other types of accommodations if you haven’t booked the course many months before.

Booking with InMalta is always worthwhile. For any school booked with InMalta, you will have the same prices advertised by the selected school (no Agency commission) and we'll give you in addition and free, the global insurance that covers you from any unexpected problem (Medical insurance, reimbursement of the course for early return, third party liability, lost baggage and documents, theft etc) and for 2017 the exclusive insurance for early cancellation. If you book now you ensure yourself the best conditions and no risks if you need to cancel your study trip.


Remember! We are in Malta.

We will be in Malta during your son’s study stay if he needs us. Book now, if you delete the course and you have a penalty to pay, the insurance which we offer free, will pay it for you (read the conditions of the insurance policy).