Climate in Malta

In the heart of the Mediterranean, enjoy 300 days of sunshine a year!

Every week is the right one to start an English course in Malta. If you want to start a long-term course, for example three, four, five, six months, the off season is the right one!

In the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta can only enjoy an extremely mild climate for almost the whole year. So warm winters, hot summers, pleasant springs and autumns, and sun at will. It will be very pleasant, during your breaks of relaxation or fun, to be outdoors and enjoy this typical climate of the area.

“I couldn’t believe it but in November it’s hot enough for half-sleeves, shorts and people at sea, it's raining very little, in fact, in the 6 weeks of the course I've done there has not been a bad day. It’s nice to have lesson knowing that in the afternoon I will have time for shopping and for a walk ".


Precipitations are very rare and leave space for the sun's rays. All this will allow you to settle easily since there will be no radical changes in climate compared to Italy (at least in Southern Italy), but you can find more than anything, apart from January and February, a mild season. Thanks to this ideal climate you will make the most of your period of study in Malta.
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