InMalta has conventions with many universities, entities, and orders

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In order to meet the increasing need for professionals and students who want to implement their language skills, in order to be more competitive in the workplace, inMalta offers consulting specialized in organizing and managing stays for English study and for placement of internships and placements in Malta.
In order to benefit from our services with exclusive benefits, you can activate with us specific conventions.
The conventions proposed by InMalta are unilateral and do not presuppose any present or future investment of the Convenced Entity.
Specifically, to the accredited Entities Inmalta offers:
- a 15% reduction in general English courses for adults, professionals, young people enrolled and / or forming part of that Entity;
- 10% reduction in general English courses for adults, professionals, young people, adolescents and children, for spouses and relatives of first, second and third grade;
- a 15% reduction on excursion and leisure activities offered by InMalta.

For the quality of the service offered InMalta can include among its conventions currently operating various prestige agencies, Orders and Universities.

ENPAP National Pension Insurance Institute and Psychological Support
ENPAM National Pension Insurance Institute and Medical Assistance
ENPAV - National Pension Insurance Institute and Veterinarian Assistance
ENPAF - National Pension Insurance Institute and Pharmacy Assistance
ENPACL - National Pension Insurance Institute and Assistance for Work Advisers

Order of Journalists
Order of Journalists of Tuscany
Pharmacists' Order

University of Messina
University of Palermo
University of Catania
University of Cassino and Southern Lazio
University of Rome Foro Italico
University of Rome Tor Vergata
University Campus Bio Medico in Rome
Link Campus University
Libera Università Maria Santissima Assunta LUMSA
San Raffaele University

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InMalta represents all 48 Istitutes (schools and colleges) in the Maltese state, selected by more than 80,000 students each year for a full immersion of training experience focusing on participating in English courses with qualified native language teachers on one hand and on a direct contact with the foreign language through the involvement in Maltese social life on the other. Learning a language thus becomes activity not only theoretical but also practical and enhances the ability to understand and express the language with excellent performance.
InMalta boasts excellent references, it is estimated by all the schools of the Maltese training industry, from Feltom (the government federation of which the best schools are part), by the ELT Council which controls and certifies its quality, as well as by the Ministries of Education And Tourism.
Would you like to sign a convention with us but need more information? Contact us and we will be at your complete disposal for any clarification or clarification on it.