Eat in Malta

Restaurants of all kinds and for every pocket, but also street food with pastizzi of every kind.

Are you in Malta for a long-lasting English course? You will find many supermarkets and hypermarkets where to shop. Prices slightly more expensive for fruits and vegetables, but generally same as in other european countries.

Hours of study and commitment must be supported by putting something between your teeth and a good meal definitely does not hurt. Well, here in Malta you will have the chance to satisfy your hunger of any kind and at any time! Bars, fast food, pizzerias, and of course restaurants for all pockets abound.
The cuisine combines the traditional dishes of the Mediterranean countries with continental cuisine, so do not be surprised if you will find bacon, eggs and sausage at breakfast near croissants and cappuccino!

In Malta you will find many restaurants of different countries, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Norwegian, and even the strangest and most peculiar culinary cultures. Fish is the main dish, but to eat excellent dishes you will have to move from the areas of great tourist flow. If you live in an apartment and you have to shop, all the supermarkets have european products.

"A friend told me about Marsaxlokk, a small fishing village, we went one evening, there were at least thirty restaurants along the seafront, all with seafood specialties and fresh fish of the day, prices are very low compared to Italy".


If you want to try the typical Maltese cuisine, which is not easy since you will find hundreds of restaurants typical of every place in the world, your menu may vary from a fish soup (aljotta) or legumes, to pasta seasoned with fish sauces and vegetables or macaroni (Imqarrun) and baked rice (Ross fil-forn), from meat and vegetable rolls, to sausage, from pizza to stuffed puff pastries, all enriched by abundant and tasty side dishes, rich in vegetables, vegetables and olives, and from baked bread.

And if you're hungry and little time? The many pastures offer delicious pastizzi, puff pastry with peas, ricotta, chicken and more!
Obviously the dessert can’t miss, cassate, chocolate cakes, cannoli with ricotta, honey and almond desserts, short pastry ... sweeten the end of the meal. At the table you can have drinks of all kinds and excellent local red, white or rosé wine.

One of the typical Maltese drinks is the Kinnie, made from a mix of water, unpeeled oranges and bitter herbs, but the recipe, as you can imagine, is top secret!

Do not forget Cisk, the local beer produced in Malta and marketed throughout Europe.

If you're in a hurry and want to have lunch in a typical American fast food , you'll have no trouble finding one of the many Mc Donalds or Burger King.