Quiet, we will solve the problem

Our 24H service provides security for you and your family on vacation in Malta

We’re sorry if you’re on this page, it means something happened or there’s a problem. We'll fix it, don’t worry. We ask you first of all to evaluate, objectively, whether it is an emergency or a problem.

An emergency is for example the need for a doctor, an accident, a sudden return to your country.

A problem, for example, is if you can’t find the taxi driver at the airport (for adults), if you find the bed unpacked or your room isn’t clean, to be in a class of a different english level or if you want to change room for any reason.

If you have an emergency during working hours and you aren’t alone (so while you are in school or while the school is open), before making an emergency call, ask help to the people who are with you or call your family at home. If the emergency is solvable by the school staff, turn directly to the people who are on the spot: for example, if during a school excursion you get hurt, do not contact InMalta, but talk to your guide right away and ask for a doctor or an ambulance. If you are alone contact InMalta.

If you have an emergency during working hours (Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm) and you are alone, call 02.80886385 and speak with the first available operator. If all the operators are busy, leave a message in the secretary, you will be contacted within a short time.

If you have a non-working time emergency (from 19:00 to 08:00 Monday to Friday and from 00:00 to 24:00 on Saturdays and Sundays) call 02.80886385 and select, by voice, 2 times Key 1. The call will be transferred to our emergency staff. If this attempt doesn’t go in port (let the phone ring more than you can), call 366.3739448.

If you have a problem during working hours (so while you are in school or while the school is open), you can talk to your teacher, the school director, the administration, the booking office or with the housing office. If you have problems to explain your problem in English , don’t worry, ask to speak in Italian (Maltese understand Italian), if your contact is not Maltese, ask help to anybody that speaks English or ask your interlocutor to speak in Italian . The schools want to take care of your welfare and want you to feel good and have no problems, so they will resolve the situation. Ask how long it will take to resolve your problem. If you are satisfied, be patient and wait.. If nothing happens within the time given by the school or if you are not satisfied, contact InMalta, we will contact the school and try to resolve the situation.

If you have a problem at non working hours and the problem is not objectively an emergency, wait for the school to reopen. If the problem can turn into an emergency soon, contact the "emergency numbers" of the school you chose. Find them in the acceptance letter or in the confirmation of your booking. If you can’t contact the school through emergency numbers, contact InMalta.

You may also need:
Ambulance, emergency, firefighters: 112 (no prefix)
Police: 21224001-7 (prefix 00356 or +356)
Hospital - Gozo: 21561600 (prefix 00356 or +356)
Hospital - Malta: 25450000 (prefix 00356 or +356)

Emergency requiring a helicopter: 21244371 (prefix 00356 or +356)
Emergency calling for a boat: 21238797 (prefix 00356 or +356)
Emergency requiring a veterinarian: 50043888 (prefix 00356 or +356)
Gozo passport office: 21560770 (prefix 00356 or +356)
Malta passport office: 21222286 (prefix 00356 or +356)

Consumer Protection: 21250221 (prefix 00356 or +356)
Request a telephone number: 1182 (no prefix)
Request a phone number: (Go Mobile) 1187 (no prefix)
Request a phone number: (Vodafone) 1189 (no prefix)