Combined English

20 group sessions per week + 10 private lessons one to one

Recommended for all age groups, starting with any level of knowledge of English.

Minimum Duration: 1 week
Recommended duration: 4 to 24 weeks

Input level: from elementary to advanced
Classes: 10/12 or 5/6 students
Sessions: 20 group sessions per week + 5/10 private lessons one to one
Start: Every Monday

It differs from General English for the fact that  it’s formed in part by group lessons and in part from private individual lessons. You will have  20 group sessions of 45 minutes each, so each week you will have 15 hours of group lessons and 5 or 10 individual sessions (depends on your choice), so over the 15 hours of group lessons, another 3 hours and 45 minutes (5 lessons) or 7 hours and a half (10 lessons) of individual lessons (combined 20 + 5 or 20 + 10). This course is recommended if you have less time to learn. A group course stimulates learning, allows conversation and you can also learn from the mistakes of others, private lessons with the teacher will allow you to fill up your specific gaps.

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