One to One – Individual lessons

Choose how many lessons a day and the days you want to follow them

Recommended for those who have a level of English that goes from intermediate to advanced.

Minimum Duration: 2 lessons
Recommended duration: 5 to 20 lessons

Input level: from elementary to advanced
Classes: 1 student
Sessions: at least 5
Start: any day

These are lessons one to one with the teacher. They are recommended if you have less time to learn, if you want to improve your English related to a specific topic, if you have an online exam. They are suitable to all, young people, adults, the elderly, with any level of English. You will make an initial test, evaluated by the teacher, so you will not have difficulties following lessons because the teacher will adapt to your level. You can also book a few lessons, but the advice is not to fall below the 10 lessons (7.5 hours). Private lessons with the teacher will allow you to fill up your specific gaps. We don't recommend to book a course of only private lessons if your level is not at least intermediate or advanced, in fact, with a lower level, you will derive greater benefits from a group course. We suggest to book a course of private lessons if you've never studied English.

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