English for specific purposes or Specialized courses

20 group lessons + 10 one to one per week

Recommended for those who want to deepen the lexis of English in specific areas

Minimum duration: 1 week
Recommended duration: 2 to 4 weeks

Input level: from intermediate to advanced
Classes: 5/6 coursers + one to one
Sessions: 20 group lessons + 10 one to one per week
Start: every month in some schools

If you want to improve your English in the industry in which you work, you may think to choose a Specific English course. These courses, primarily aimed to free professionals, managers and workers, can also be followed by enthusiasts who wish to improve the use of English. Your course will consist of 20 sessions in small groups for conversation and general English and 10 sessions of specialist English. You will do an entrance test in order to evaluate your level of knowledge of English, but at least one level between intermediate and advanced is recommended. English specialist courses are not designed to improve general English, but to improve the terminology used in work environments, multinationals, or when your business takes you abroad and the use of English with your colleagues is crucial, with suppliers, employees, customers.

You can choose English for Business, English for Aviation, English for Law, English for Tourism, English for Architecture, English for Art, English for Communication, English for Advertising, English for Finance , English for Marketing, English for Medicine, English for Politics, English for Transportation, English for Agriculture, English for Breeding, English for Fishing, English for Extraction ( oil and gas), English for Industry, English for Crafts, English for Building, English for Import / Export, English for Nautical.

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