Ethical code

We work for all Malta schools, competitors with each other.

We will always be on the part of the student. We try to interpret the needs and advise the best, free from any conditioning of the English language teaching industry in Malta, which now has 42 schools and colleges.

1) Premises and scope
This Ethical Code wants to help the associates of InMalta to become better professionals and at the same time wants to help improve our professionalism as individuals, we are convinced that the credibility and reputation of professions related to our work and other activities in the services sector is often mined of improvisation of non-professionals. For this reason, we have decided to discuss broadly the key factors that differentiate us from other realities operating in similar or equal sectors.
We believe it is always possible to improve the reputation of our profession, starting from the territory in which we operate: we will work both individually and collectively.
This Code of Ethics will help us associates individually when it is necessary to make difficult and strategic decisions, decisions for which ethics are fundamental, particularly in acquiring customers, in conducting work, in enacting expected results, in managing reports with competitors.
In the difficult situations where we may be asked to compromise our integrity or our values, the Code of Ethics will be our point of reference.

2) Recipients
The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is valid and respected by all members of InMalta, by all professionals and collaborators, by all present or future contingent employees. Acceptance of the Code of Ethics is the precondition for collaboration, with any title, with InMalta.

3) Values
Every professional or collaborator, in the exercise of his / her profession, respects at least the 5 values that are fundamental for us:

3.1) Our definition of honesty
Every professional or collaborator, in the exercise of his profession, is always honest with the client, telling immediately what can be done and what is not possible. He says what the expected results are, and if they are not reached, he explains the reasons for it by offering the best solutions. Every practitioner is honest in recognizing where he or she ends his / her competence and where the competence of another professional starts, in order not to overcome the skills and at the same time allow the customer to identify the responsibility.

3.2) Our definition of responsibility
Every professional or collaborator always takes the wisest decision in relation to the context, the client, the competitors, in any case it is the best decision in the interest of the client. This involves assuming responsibility and risks for each practitioner for decisions taken or not taken, for actions and operations performed and omitted. Each professional informs the client or the project manager or InMalta's colleagues if there are any unexpected situations during the assignment. Every professional respects the commitments he has made, if he/she makes mistakes or omissions, adopts them and proposes the necessary corrections. It undertakes and promises to create expectations, implicit or explicit, however in good faith.

3.3) Our Equity Definition
Every professional or collaborator, in the exercise of his profession, takes time that needs to be paid fairly. All rates offered by InMalta schools are fairly related to time and professional commitment. Reduction in these estimates will inevitably lead to a reduction in services or quality, so each school will indicate how this might affect the expected results. The value of fairness is also explicit with regard to clients, with the duty to make decisions and act impartially with conduct free from personal interests, prejudices and favoritism. Equity is also guaranteed when InMalta works simultaneously for two or more competing schools.

3.4) Our definition of respect
Every professional or collaborator, in the exercise of his profession, respects the work of his colleagues, both of InMalta and not part of the company. No InMalta professional despises the work done by others. Respect is defined by us as the duty of affirming consideration for ourselves, for others and for the resources we are entrusted with, whether they are economic, material, moral. We respect people, work tools, security, environmental and social resources, reputation.

3.5) Our definition of membership
Every professional or collaborator, in the exercise of his profession, respects the value of belonging to InMalta, to society, to the municipality, province, region and state. Every professional is committed to improving performance by focusing on excellence. We protect property or confidential information that are entrusted to us by being part of the school when we work for the client. We listen to the point of view of others, trying to understand it, keeping a professional conduct even when it is not requited, we respect the property rights of others.

4) Conclusions
According to the above, InMalta is the union of professionals who put ethics at the center of every job, marrying the concept and reflecting themselves into an "ethical company".