Malta offers all kinds of tourist attractions and for all ages!

Beaches, museums, landscapes, activities and sports of all kinds!

InMalta organizes excursions to the most beautiful and tourist places in Malta.

Excursions are useful both to see the Maltese archipelago and to allow you to continue speaking English with your colleagues and classmates even after the lessons.

All excursions, except on Saturday and Sunday, last half a day. Participating to the activities organized by InMalta and that you have chosen, will allow you to socialize with your colleagues and classmates and of course speak in English.

There are a lot of activities, from the welcome party to water sports, from horseback riding to Malta 5D and Malta Experience projections, as well as bowling, go karts, evening parties and more.

You can book through InMalta, at discounted rates, all the activities you would like to do and the excursions to which you would like to participate. You can also chose to book, in Malta, directly at your school.

Depending on your chosen activities you will have to find yourself at the "meeting point" closest to your school, usually within 5 to 10 minutes on foot, we will pick you up and have you join the group.

All activities and excursions aren’t included in the quotations of the English courses unless they are packages or programs for teenagers. Some of the activities are free and others have a cost of few tens of Euro.

Indicate us the activities and excursions you would like to make during your study stay, they are identified by a progressive number and we will send you the exact quote.
If you come to Malta with a group, with friends or with the school, contact us, for sure we can apply a discount.

If you come with your family and have children, we can advise you on the most suitable activities and indicate what you can do independently and what you will need to book or for which you need transportation, for example, when far away from schools.