How to book

It's simpler than you think

With InMalta you will be sure not to miss anything

We are real people and you can talk to us by phone or chat through the site, but after doing all this and setting out all the details and the price, you will need to complete the pre-registration form. We will send it to you in Word format (you can directly compile it) or in pdf format (if you prefer to fill it by hand and scan it). You will then send it to so you will receive, within a few days, the confirmation of your reservation and the pro forma invoice of the study stay. If you haven't yet booked the flight, don't worry, you will notify us later. You will then make a bank transfer in advance, we will give you the banking data. The percentage, depending on the school, can go from 20 to 30% You will need to send the transfer receipt (a scan or a legible photo) to Receiving the first payment we will activate the global insurance that covers also the eventual cancellation of the study trip and will also send you the insurance card. The online test and the payment of the balance will be made within 15 days of your arrival in Malta, so about 3 weeks before arriving. In this case you will also have to send us the payment receipt and you can take advantage of it to let us know the flight details if you haven’t done so before. We will then send you a confirmation that everything is correct and that nothing is missing for your reservation.

The best schools are the most requested and their classes get filled up first. Remember that all the schools of Malta, from the best to the lesser, are full in summer, and in the central weeks between July and August it is impossible to find places in residences or other types of accommodation unless you have booked the course many months in advance.

Booking with InMalta is always convenient because booking any school, you will have the same prices (without agency fees) and we will also give you the Global Insurance that covers any unexpected problem (medical insurance, early repayment, third party liability, luggage loss and documents, theft etc.) and for 2018 also the exclusive early cancellation insurance. If you book now, you are sure to obtain the best conditions and you have no risk if you will not be able to travel. With InMalta, you will also have the opportunity to follow exclusive webinars finalized to give you more and more up-to-date information on how to optimize your Malta training experience, or on the tips that all parents, that are planning their son's holiday study, may have.

Remember! We are in Malta.
We will be in Malta even during your child's study stay if he or she needs us.
Book now, if you cancel your course and have a penalty to pay, the insurance which we give you in tribute will pay for you (see the terms of the insurance policy).