How to choose

We recommend the right schools

You can also choose without our help, but you risk getting wrong. Contact us, we have no extra costs for you, in fact we are paid by the schools!

Choosing a school is not easy: we recommend the right school based on the area, the average age of students, the size of buildings and classes, the teaching methods, offered courses, the professionalism of teachers and staff, the quality of the accommodations, the variety of extracurricular activities.

With over 40 schools, many types of courses, various accommodation solutions, without our help you risk getting missed!
In order to be able to help you in choosing, it is essential that you give us some indications, here is what.

Before we can provide any solution, it is important for us of InMalta to know what your reference budget is. The budget is not a price, it's an idea of what your spending might be. Representing all Malta's schools, we can share those solutions that represent the best value for money on your budget. It's our job. An example: for one week general course of 20 sessions you can spend 100 Euro, but also 150 Euro if you want a medium / high level school, and even 190 Euro if you want an excellent school.

Established the budget, it is necessary to establish the duration. If your budget, for example, is 300 Euro, you might think for a 2-week period in a high level school with high service. If you are less interested in the quality of the services, for the same amount, you might think for a 3-week period asking InMalta a lower level school. This choice depends on you. Remember that if you book a lot of weeks, at least 8, the prices of the courses drop a bit. This means that with your budget and the duration you chose you will either save money or have a higher level of education than you could afford.

Established more or less the budget and the duration you need to choose the course. The most common courses are those of general English that include conversation, listening, reading, writing and grammar. Normally, these courses includ 20 sessions a week, but you may also choose a course that includes other 10 sessions per week, group or individual, taken in the afternoon and this has an extra cost. You could also choose to take classes with less classmates, typically 5 or 6, depending on the schools, the cost increases. In addition to general English courses, chosen by 90% of the course students, you can choose business English courses, exam preparation courses, and many other English courses for specific areas.

Established more or less the budget, the duration and the course, you need to choose the school. Not knowing all the schools you will really find it difficult to understand what the differences are between the over 40 schools of Malta. This is why you should contact us at this point. If you have decided budget, duration and type of course, we can help you a lot. Like everything there are excellent, good and, unfortunately, less good schools ... but all schools are licensed by the Ministry of Public Education, where English is taught.

There are Feltom schools (the federation that has certified the 19 best schools in Malta) and there are schools that are not Feltom. There are very large schools where you will make so many relationships and friendships, there are medium schools, there are small schools. There are schools that have new buildings, very modern classes, clean rooms, and there are schools that have very old buildings and some obsolete classes. There are schools that have all air-conditioned classrooms, others that use fans. There are schools that use Interactive multimedia chalkboard making interactive lessons, there are schools that use traditional methods. There are schools that have many socializing spaces, such as lounge students, terraces and schools that have little spaces. There are schools that have residences and housing properties, there are schools that don’t have them and offer accommodation at a higher price than the average of the market. There are schools that have houses close to the classes, others where the distance is also 3 quarters of a bus ride. There are schools that have contacts with the best host families in Malta, there are schools that look a little less at the quality of the families. There are schools that have canteens and restaurants, others that don’t. There are schools that organize only one or two weekly extracurricular activities, other schools that have daily activities to which you can participate. There are schools that offer the best activities and excursions and some that save a bit on this. There are schools that do not bother to expense and give excellent services, others prefer saving money and give less quality. There are schools and schools. There are schools of every level. There are schools of every cost and for each pocket.

Trust in InMalta. We just need to know something more of what you are looking for, something more about yourself, your goals, your needs, maybe your tastes. If you have already decided on the budget, the duration and the course we will know what school offers you the best price/quality compromise that meets your needs.
Did you read about some school on the internet? No school will really tell you the truth about everything because "it must sell to you". We are super partes, we are in Malta, we know the truth. We have realized and produced so many videos and photos, not for selling but for showing. We will not tell you that a school has its own residence if it doesn’t. We will not just tell you if it has the residence but also how far away it is and its real quality level. We will be sincere with you.
Did you see a school advertisement on internet? Nowadays, when we do a lot of research on Google, we get "bombarded" by advertising that concerns the topics we were looking for. It's normal that you've seen school advertisements. In the publicity they will show you what they want you to see but usually not what it is. Advertising costs and you will pay for it. That's why you could pay a bigger amount: not more quality but more marketing and advertising costs.

Do you want to contact a school? You can do it. However if you book through InMalta you will have many more benefits than direct booking with the school and at the same price. Meanwhile, you will have the full global assurance free. Also remember that we are in Malta and will be there during your course if you need us.

Can you have discounts? Some small schools offer discounts, these are the lower level schools. Typically, there are schools that have few students, and just to have one more, they will offer you a small discount. Schools that pay less for teachers or directors, are the schools that offer the least-qualified service in Malta. Remember, in any case , you can’t have the best school, the best course, the best accommodation, the best service, at a lower cost. Instead, take advantage of the official offers and promotions based on different criteria, such as the duration or even the mix of nationality or the time of the year. After setting up your budget, duration and course, ask yourself what might be the best deal for you.

Booking with InMalta is always convenient because booking any school, you will have the same prices (without agency fees) and we will also give you the Global Insurance that covers any unexpected problem (medical insurance, early repayment, third party liability, luggage loss and documents, theft etc.) and for 2018 also the exclusive early cancellation insurance: if you book now, make sure you have the best conditions and you have no risk if you will not be able to travel.
Remember! We are in Malta.
We will be in Malta even during your child's study stay if he or she needs us.