Internet and phones

Some useful news to stay in touch with Europe

In Malta, the phone companies are 3: Vodafone Malta, Go Mobile, Melita. The european mobiles will regularly work once hooked with the Maltese roaming operators.

If you have a convenient offer to browse abroad turn off the data roaming, otherwise you will spend a lot of money.

With any operator you will spend just over 20 cents of Euro for calling from Malta, but if you receive a call, you spend just a little bit more than 7 cents per minute. So it’s much more cheaper receive a call instead of calling specially if the person that’s calling you has a good offer. Remember you will not receive phone calls if you don’t have credit in your sim card.

In this case it’s convenient to use any VOIP system, such as Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook.

All schools offer the chance to use their wi-fi. Some schools offer this service for free, other schools paying a fee. When choosing the school, consider also these small factors. The same thing for school residence or lodging. With host families however, we can’t give you the certainty that they will make you use their own Internet, although typically much of households do it. In many public places wi-fi access is free.
You can ask your telephone company for their best offer for internet abroad. If you don’t agree, consider that some Maltese schools give a free sim card, usually Vodafone Malta. You can also buy it at any Vodafone Malta store at a cost of 10 Euro. Once bought or received from the school, you can easily activate an offer to get internet anywhere, online from the Vodafone Malta site, also using a prepaid credit card. This can be done online before arriving in Malta, simply communicating the phone number. Today, Vodafone Malta offers Internet for 1.50 Euro per week with a limitation on traffic used.