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It’s an unpaid work experience within a company in which you will have the chance to practice your English and simultaneously to gain experience in the field of your studies. In Malta the Stage is called Internship and not necessarily precedes an assumption. The host company in fact engages to involve you in the working process, to make you aware of life company (depending on your role) and allows you to practice your English, even if you don’t have a very good knowledge of the language. It 'a bridge between school and working career.



You'll get an internship in any field, obviously within the limits of the economic sectors present in Malta. There are areas for which is required only a diploma, other areas which require a degree or specialized studies. The first thing to do is to contact us curriculum to . Our HR staff will communicate, within a few days, if you have the opportunity to obtain an internship. If your English level is "beginner" or "grade" you can’t obtain an internship immediately, in fact, it's not the right way to learn English but the way to practice it, if your level is at least Intermediate or higher.



To aspire to job positions, especially if your study field is very specific and sectorial, in Malta, requires you skills, experience, preparation and obviously excellent English knowledge. Consider that Malta's human resources are highly trained and are native English speakers. The training course, in Malta, does not provide a secondary school of first level, therefore, after the primary school, students sign up to "high school" or to professional schools. Afterwards they enroll to University at 17 years old to graduate at 21-22 years. In the job market in Malta, you compete with young human resources, trained and native English speakers. You also compete with human resources from all over the world, in Malta to study or to work. This is the main reason why companies will allow you to do an internship experience to improve your English but "unpaid". If you have the right skills, you will also have excellent employment opportunities after the internship.



Maltese law does not provide any refund expenses for the intern. It’s possible that if you demonstrate your expertise to the company and especially that you will be a benefit for them, they might offer you a refund. In some cases and in some months of the year, some sectors (mainly accommodation and catering) are more willing to grant reimbursement of expenses.



In addition to the placement of the course cost, you need to accommodate in Malta, so you'll still need to have a budget for this in your experience abroad. The cost of the placement may range from about 200,00 to about 400,00 Euro depending on your industry sector and the difficulty in finding the right internship for you. The housing costs vary by type: single or double room in a shared apartment with other interns or host family.



We will assess your resume, translate it in English and adapt it to the needs of the Maltese companies e then we will do an interview on Skype. We will hear more companies as possible that could accommodate you and we will try to meet your needs with the possibilities offered by the Maltese market. Once identified the companies, we will send the cards with the details of each one of them and decide, together, whom to elect as host. We will sustain you up to the interview that you will support with the company. We will cover all the paperwork for you to get the internship contract. The placement also provides a monitoring during the journey and at the end of your experience.


There are three types of internships that you can obtain in Malta. The choice depends on several factors, the first of these is your level of English. Other factor that you must consider in choosing the type of internship is your target: are you thinking more to a work experience abroad or are you thinking more to an experience to improve your knowledge of English? The three types of internships you can get with InMalta are:

1.Placement for research (while you're in your country) and a full-time internship for a period of 2/3 months or more, to start once you arrive in Malta. You have an excellent knowledge of English that you use frequently, the goal of your stay in Malta will be to learn a role within the company that hosts you and put your studies into practice.

2. English Course of 2/4 weeks or more in Malta, placement for research (while you're in Malta) and full-time internship for a period of 2/3 months or more, to start after the course. You will make the English course of initial preparatory and later the internship. The goal of your stay in Malta will be to do experience in a foreign company and practice your English. Before starting your experience, an intensive course of a few weeks will be needed to resume the use of English.

3. English Course of 3-4 months or more in Malta, placement for research (while you're in Malta) and part-time internships for a period of 2/3 months or more, to be started after 2/4 weeks of course. So after a short time of lessons in the morning, you will start following, at the same time, the English course in the afternoon and the internship in the morning. Your experience will have two objectives: to improve knowledge English with group lessons for the duration of your stay in Malta and practice English, in your industry section,in a company.

We often recommend the third kind of internships, in fact, if the main target is to improve English, it’s normal that 3 hours daily classrooms will make the difference. So you will attend the course in Malta from 9:30 to 12:30 every day from Monday to Friday for a period of 2-4 weeks, you will have free afternoons and this will allow you to know better Malta (even the logistic level), meanwhile, will be implemented the placement for the internship and you will choose the company (also evaluating the logistics and displacements). When you begin the internship you will do about 4 hours in the company in the morning and 3 hours of lessons in the afternoon, from Monday to Friday. This way not only will you do experience in your industry field, but you will improve much of your English. On Saturdays and Sundays you will be free. You can decide either to rest or maybe find a job during the weekend in order to recoup some costs.


There is a strong relationship between the placement and the chosen English course, for this reason it would be appropriate to choose one of the schools that have a long experience in this sector and which are directly involved in the process of moving from study to work. The placement provides an assessment of your English knowledge.


In Malta you can begin an internship in any period of the year. According to the industry sector it may be convenient to start in the first months of the year, such as January or February. All workshops related to the tourism industry could be initiated in March or April. However we can also advise you on this feature after having received your resume.


SchoolsInMalta offers you a very special and exclusive service : the "mentoring". An expert advisor of the job market in Malta will make some meetings with you on Skype, guiding you on the procedures for searching a job. You'll get advice, tips, confidential information and strategies to achieve your aims. The "mentoring" service is much appreciated from the very skilled profiles that aim to better and well paid jobs.



Fill out the inquiry form if you haven’t already done it. After a short time we will fix up a first talk on skype.