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Malta is a very small country and, fortunately, well connected internally.
The most connected areas by buses are those of the eastern and north-eastern regions where the main tourist cities are located: St. Julian's, Sliema, Valletta, Bugibba. Most of the schools are located in these areas. When choosing an accommodation it’s good that it’s near the school and you can reach it by walk to avoid downtime and travel costs.

Buses are frequent, in all directions and for any destination. At each stop, in addition to the name of the stop, you can display times and lines. Tickets are strictly sold on board, directly from the driver. You can buy a ticket for a single race, a day ticket and a weekly or monthly subscription. Students may have additional benefits. Ask us and we will explain what is best for you.

Buses are new, efficient, comfortable and air-conditioned. On the bus you will see the name of the stop once approaching it. The bus terminal is located in Valletta, it’s a trading hub of the lines between the center / north and the south of Malta. Night buses are less frequent but connect all areas of Malta, their numbers are preceded by the letter "N", you’ll need to check in which bus stops you can catch them, they don’t stop in all.

The numbers of the buses that connect most of the cities of Malta with the airport are preceded by the letter "X". You can ask the school for an updated "bus map".

The taxi companies are numerous. You will find individual taxi drivers with whom bargain price and destination, or you can reserve, even online, taxis on request. The major companies have fixed prices that vary only according to the starting and arrival areas, regardless of the address and time journey. Taxis are generally recommended when you arrive, in fact you'll have your luggage and not knowing Malta, it will be easier to achieve your accommodation directly from the airport by taxi.

In Malta you can hire a car. There are different companies that you can use. Some of these are part of big world groups of rental cars, others are local companies. Prices vary a lot both depending on the type of car demanded or based on the period, in summer in fact prices are quite high. Also, consider the guidance on the left side and the difficulty in parking in the tourist areas, mainly related to the low presence of free parking . Parking areas with fee are numerous.