Nightlife in Malta

Restaurants, nightclubs, discos, live music or simply relax. What do you prefer?

Nothing could be easier than making new friends in Malta. And this often happens in the evening, after the English classes, after the internships, when you go out to spend a quiet evening or have fun.

To end the day with a little "healthy fun" after dinner is what it takes. The Maltese nights will satisfy your desires, from complete relaxation to unbridled fun. You can simply walk outdoors through the central streets of St. Julian's or Sliema and you will quickly be in touch with all the crowded places, and spend your evening with a drink and a chat.

If you want to drink something and listen to nice music, even live, comfortably seated, bars and pubs are there for you. Do you want to dance in a disco? To satisfy you there will be night parties and discos animated by DJs that will make you jump and dance all night with music of all kinds, for "tourists" in the area of Paceville but if you want you can chose many other places frequented by Maltese. Here very often entry is free, or in any case at very affordable prices.

"I am 29 years old and I didn’t want to spend evenings in Paceville, with kids from all over the world who make alcohol their only fun ... I found some fantastic places with live music and shows, I had fun with people of my age. Then I met two Maltese girls who introduced me to their friends, some nights we went to places that many tourists don’t know and we spent very nice evenings together, obviously all in English ".


If instead you are a bit tired of the day and you want to spend the evening in a more relaxing way, you can sit in the super-equipped multi-screen cinema chairs where films of all kinds and for all tastes are projected, of course in English. Malta has always had a particular interest in the film industry, and has often been chosen as a film set.

Relax also on board of small boats that will give you the chance to take a mini cruise along the Maltese coast and appreciate its nocturnal charm.

But the "mini cruises" are not just for those seeking for relaxation, in fact there are also many "boat parties", disco parties on board, while moving from Sliema to Comino.
But night life is not just this in Malta, from spring to autumn the island lives 24 hours a day, nothing stops.

And if you've never tried your luck, your stay in Malta could be a good opportunity to try. The island's casinos, in fact, offer a range of choices that can satisfy even those who do not have "experience" and simply want to tease the blindfolded goddess to spend an evening different from the usual ... you will find games for all budgets!