Packages with accommodation in a host family

Study holidays in Malta with the family, a strong and intense experience

How is a study holiday for teenagers with accommodation in Host Family organized? The study holidays can last from 1 to 4 weeks. Most parents choose to have their children stay in Malta for at least 3 weeks. However, you can choose a shorter duration.

From experience we know that 2 weeks are the right time for teenagers aged 13, 14 and 3 weeks are the right time if your child is 15, 16 or 17 years old. Your children will live a unique and unforgettable experience.

They will arrive at the Malta airport, the welcome service will meet them and escort them to the host family selected by the chosen school. Host families in Malta are selected based on their proximity to the school, the age of the spouses, and the availability of space. Each family has a license from the Ministry of Tourism and can’t accept more than 4 students at the same time.

Sundays are generally days of arrivals and departures; for this reason, often there will be no organized activities, the children will therefore have the opportunity to know each other, to dialogue, to understand who their roommates are and settle down. The study holidays include meals with full board, generally they will have breakfast and dinner with the family that hosts them, packed lunch with their peers. Packed lunch is a choice of almost all schools: the early afternoon activities include sea or swimming pool, so it is better to stay light, but if you stay in a residence, according to some schools, you can choose a hot lunch.

The first day of class will be Monday. The hours will generally be from 9.00am to 10.30am and from 11.00am to 12.30pm every day from Monday to Friday (20 weekly sessions of 45 minutes each). Depending on your choice, they can also make an afternoon return of 1:30pm (30 sessions per week). The lessons, according to the chosen school, can be held at the central plexus or in peripheral summer plexuses. If the classrooms are far from the host family, the school will guarantee the shuttle bus service, but often it is only a few tens of minutes so that the children can travel safely on foot.

Before arriving in Malta your children will take an entrance test and, based on this, will be placed in a class with other peers who have the same level of proficiency in English. The lessons will be conversation, listening, reading and grammar. Many of the schools have interactive programs for teens. As a rule, even those who stay in the family will do extracurricular activities with those staying in residences or campuses.

In the afternoon each group of 15 teenagers will be entrusted to a team leader, a girl or a boy with specific training, who will have the responsibility of the group. The team leader, usually between 23 and 30, will accompany your children during the activities. The number of activities and their quality varies greatly depending on the chosen school, and this affects the price. Activities include visiting the capital of Malta, Valletta, visiting the ancient capital Mdina, one or two boat trips, at least 3 or 4 afternoons at sea with entertainment, a welcome party, an international party with peers of many others English schools in Malta, a karaoke night, a movie night, an evening at the bowling alley and much more. Activities change every week and if your children stay 3 weeks, for example, each week they will have different activities. Your children can, if they wish, participate in extra activities that the school organizes.

All the activities organized and run by the schools of Malta are not absolutely dangerous and, after 30 years and hundreds of thousands of hosted teenagers, we can assure you that your children will have fun and their emotions will be strong when they return to greet the new friends, promising to see each other again the following year. Your children will not be able to refuse to participate in excursions, trips first of all because they are part of the teaching, in fact during these moments they will speak in English, and then because they would be without supervision. We remind you that your children will not be "prisoners" of the host family. It is true, they will be supervised by the family but, depending on their age, they may have concessions.

Malta is a very safe territory, both for teenagers and for children. For this reason, as your children go out in your city, they can meet their new friends, have an ice cream, at certain times and, after informing the family, they can move away responsibly. They will have schedules to be respected and will be scolded if they do not. You will have the personal card of the family and you can get in contact (by phone or by email) if you think it is necessary to report any rules and schedules that you want your children to respect, keeping the requirements of school schedules and activities organized.

At the end of the study holiday your children will be escorted back to the airport.