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Terms and conditions for bookings with us

InMalta's pre-entryPolicy form regulation

The pre-registration form involves three parts: you, from now on, "student", InMalta brand name of the Maltese law firm Giannone Limited, from now on "InMalta" and the Maltese school you choose, from now on "School ".

With the pre-registration form, the student asks InMalta to enroll him at the school identified by the logo on the upper left part, details of which are shown on the top right. It is mandatory for the student to ensure that the pre-registration form is the correct one

The pre-registration form must be filled in by the student and sent to the email address but just doing so does not imply the enrollment of the student at the chosen course, nor the confirmation of the chosen accommodation or other commissioned services. In fact, the student will receive, within 7 days of submitting this form, the official confirmation of the quotation from the School, the availability of the chosen accommodation and other relative documentation.

The registration to the course and any other application by the student within the pre-registration form will be confirmed only once received the advance payment as specified on the pre-registration form. This payment must be made within 7 days from receiving of the official quotation from the School.
It is mandatory for the student to promptly send the receipt of the payment to the email address InMalta might not be able to confirm the reservation or availability, returning to the student the deposit paid if the payment is made more than 7 days after receiving the official quotation of the School.

The balance of the payment, obtained from the difference between the official quotation of the School and the first payment effected by the student, must be made at least 15 days before the arrival in Malta (in case of reservation of course and accommodation) or the beginning of the course ( In case of reservation of the course only). It is mandatory for the student to promptly send the payment receipt to the email address InMalta, without receiving this document within the established times, may contact the student for a reminder or cancel, without any contact, the reservation. InMalta recommends the payment 3 weeks before the arrival in Malta.

The payment method that InMalta recommends to the student is the bank transfer. As Malta is in the "Sepa" area, the acronym for "Unique Payments Area in Euro", bank transfers to Malta are not considered "international", so they generally have a very low cost and they can be done once the student’s bank receives the IBAN code and the BIC or SWIFT code of the beneficiary beyond the normal data to perform a bank transfer.
The required bank details will be sent to the student along with the official quote of the School.
It is also possible to pay by credit card or Paypal, some schools may charge an extra fee that can be up to 5% of the payment to be made.
InMalta advises the student to ask if the School provides for extra fees if paying with credit cards before paying. In fact, extra fees, if not paid, may be required by the School to the student during the vacation studio.

If the student submits this form less than 15 days from the beginning of the course or from providing the required services, payment must be made in full. The registration to the course and any other request within the pre-registration form will be confirmed only upon receiving the receipt of payment of the entire amount. It is mandatory for the student to promptly send the payment receipt to the email address

The student, booking through InMalta filling in the pre-registration form and sending it to , will not have any extra costs compared to the direct booking with the School. School fees are public and InMalta applies the rates as determined by the School, with appropriate reductions or increases according to the period of the year, according to the School's instructions and with offers and discounts when provided.
If there’s a price discrepancy between the two official prices of the School (the one issued through InMalta and the one sent by the School to the student), the valid one for the student will always be the lower price.

The Student, booking through InMalta, has the right to the complimentary gifts on the pre-registration form. The student has no right to the prizes if the reservation should take place directly between the trainer and the school. The granting of awards to students who have booked directly with the school may, in some cases, be subject to InMalta's unquestionable judgment.
(1) is a holistic insurance specifically designed for the students. It has its head office in Canada, offices in many states and also in Malta. The insurance policy, which will be provided to the student (available on once received the advance payment, covers medical and hospital expenses, unexpected expenses such as luggage or documents lost, covers the theft of personal belongings, any accidental damage caused by the trainee to third parties (civil liability). insurance also covers expenses related to early retirement of the student or expenses related to the travel of family members if the student expressly and urgently needs them.
The insurance also covers the booking cancellation fees and offers other covers. The policy has a non-fractional weekly cost (7 days) of Euro 10.00. InMalta will cover the policy for 7 days for bookings of 1 week (although the reservation should be 8 days, for example from Sunday to Sunday); For 14 days for bookings of 2 weeks; For 21 days in the case of bookings of 3 weeks; For 28 days in the case of bookings of 4 weeks.

The policy, except for several agreements between the student and InMalta, will start from the arrival in Malta. The cancellation insurance will begin on the day after the first payment made by the student.

The student can purchase from InMalta the policy for the desired weeks beside the 4 gratuities or for the overdue days not covered in the case of reservations of a number of days greater than 7 but less than 14 (in this case InMalta will give 1 week of policy) , or more than 14 but less than 21 (in this case InMalta will give 2 weeks of policy), or even more than 21 but less than 28 (in this case, InMalta will give three weeks of policy) or more than 28 (in this case InMalta case will cover 4 weeks of policy).

(2) Cet Leisure, an acronym for "Cultural English Tour" Leisure, is a company specializing in the organization of activities, trips, excursions, tours specially designed for students of the English language schools in Malta. The long experience in this field, the best team leaders and the specialized guides have made CET Leisure a point of reference for the students who, during the study stay, would like to visit Malta in a group, with students, of other schools. Only by booking with InMalta the student will have a further 15% reduction on the proposals "3 activities at the cost of 2" where the student would save € 10, "5 activities at the cost of 4" where the trainee would save € 14, 8 activities at the cost of 6 "where the student would save € 28. The voucher to take advantage of the discount will be sent by InMalta to the student once received the receipt of the balance of the reservation.
(3) InMalta card is a card that increases personal security and the student’s protection towards the School. Allows the student to have an InMalta consultant always available by telephone for any emergency, day and night, if the student has any difficulty with the school. The counselor will be able to intervene by protecting the interests of the student when there are any shortcomings by the School or serious problems and defaults that would undermine the normal progress of the course or stay in Malta. In the most important, priority or urgent cases the counselor may ask the student, after a free telephone counseling, to meet in order to discuss the problem. Also, in this case, the service will be free for the student who holds the InMalta card.
(4) Malta 5D is an engaging show in a 5-dimensional Cinema of Valletta. The 20-minute spectacle shows Malta's history amoung self-propelled seats, visual effects and olfactory effects. InMalta will give an entrance to the 5D Malta discounted by 50% to all the coursers.
Each student who makes at least a 4 week booking of InMalta courses will receive an entrance to Malta 5D completely free.

The voucher to take advantage of the discount or free entrance will be sent by In Malta to the student upon receiving the balance of the reservation.

InMalta is supported by payments made by all Malta Schools that need support in the management of booking practices.
InMalta, on behalf of all Malta Schools, carries out marketing, promotion, consulting, and administrative and bureaucratic operations related to the relations between the school children and the schools themselves.
InMalta, regarding the booking of courses and accommodation in Malta, does not require extra payments to the students.

InMalta, for the promotion of Malta as a destination for excellence in English studies, acts independently of each school and enjoys the support of Feltom, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Tourism, the EFL Monitoring Board, Chamber of Commerce.

InMalta applies the following cancellation policies to the booking confirmed by the student by paying a deposit.
If the cancellation is made within 4 weeks of the beginning of the course or the provision of services by InMalta or the School, the entire amount paid will be returned to the student by bank transfer, with the exception of Euro 100,00 for administrative expenses.
If the cancellation takes place between 4 and 2 weeks from the start of the course, InMalta will retain the full amount of the deposit paid.
Cancellation takes place automatically if at least 2 weeks before the beginning of the course, the InMalta correspondent has not yet received the payment receipt for the balance. InMalta has no obligation to remind the student of the date of payment.
No guarantee on the availability of course and accommodation can be given by InMalta if payment has not been made or if the payment receipt of the balance has not been sent in due time. If payment has been made and the cancellation is made between 2 weeks and the day before the start of the course, InMalta will retain 50% of the total paid by the customer. If the payment has been made and the cancellation is made after the beginning of the course, no refund will be due to the student but, if the course is longer than 4 weeks, it will be possible to agree between the student and the school a slip , if possible, for the weeks that have not been used.
Acceptance of this solution is an unquestionable judgment of the School.
This solution is usually applied to courses, rarely to accommodation. InMalta will not be liable if the School is unable to propose to the student the slip solution that is convenient to him.

The student who has requested the assurance provided by InMalta is insured in case of cancellation for serious health or family reasons. In that case, the cancellation policy remains unchanged, but the student can open a claim to the insurance to obtain coverage provided by the policy.

InMalta and / or the School reserve the right not to accept the required reservation through the pre-registration form for any reason and at their sole discretion, giving immediate notice to the student immediately upon receipt of the pre-registration form.

The school reserves the possibility to take disciplinary measures that, in the most serious cases, could result in expulsion, in case the student behaves violently, harmful, dangerous, offensive, racist and not compatible with the educational environment, at school and in accommodation. In these cases InMalta will not be responsible for the economic losses suffered by the student.

InMalta advises the student in choosing the School according to many parameters. InMalta will in no way be liable, nor anything can be asked to InMalta, if the student is not satisfied with what he or she has booked.
InMalta will in no way be liable for failures or omissions by the School, subject to the commitment to fill these shortfalls and, if this is not possible, so that the student receives a refund from the School.

The student who experiences a discomfort, a deficiency, a failure by the school will have to give it immediate communication directly to the school, preferably in written form by email sent for knowledge also at
Most schools in Malta submit periodic questionnaires for service evaluation: a low score for a service does not necessarily imply that the school intervenes to improve it immediately, this can and will only take place after the formal opening of a complaint if such a shortage Is considered serious by the student. InMalta will not be able to intervene in any way at the School if the student has not filed a complaint.
Complaints received by InMalta or at the School after the end of the course will not be taken into account; in fact, each school does its best to solve a problem when it is presented. If the problem was not been highlighted by the student during the study stay, the School may not have become aware of it and have not had the opportunity to intervene.

Holidays in Malta are: January 1, February 10, March 19, March 31, April 3, May 1, June 7, June 29, August 15, September 8, September 21, December 8, December 13, December 25 . During these days the schools will be closed and, if the holidays are midweek, the student will be able to retrieve unpublished lessons.

It is possible that other local holidays will be added to the official holidays, even in this case the student will be able to retrieve unpublished lessons.

For any controversy between InMalta and the student, the competent forum will be Malta, in accordance with the legal principles of Maltese law and Community law.

InMalta is a brand name of Giannone Limited based at 64/1 Agiton Building, Suite 3, St. Anthony Street, SGN1437 San Gwann Malta.
The student can send information regarding inquiries, quotes, reservations to the email address for any other communication you can use the email address The student can contact InMalta at Maltese telephone number 00356.99681245 or alternatively at the Italian number 02.80886385 at office hours.