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Internship in Malta

It’s an unpaid work experience within a company in which you will have the chance to practice your English and simultaneously to gain experience in the field of your studies. In Malta the Stage is called Internship and not necessarily precedes an assumption. The host company in fact engages to involve you in the working process, to make you aware of life company (depending on your role) and allows you to practice your English, even if you don’t have a very good knowledge of the language. It 'a bridge between school and working career.

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Leisure with SchoolsInMalta and Inlingua

If you're wondering what to do in Malta after the study, you're in the right place! We thought for you more than 120 tours and activities, some of them need to be booked directly in school, some must be booked before arriving and finally, others you can do without a reservation, you just need to know what to do and where to go. Choose your interests between: Sea, beaches and cliffs; Historic cities, churches and places, museums, temples, archaeological sites; Shopping, food, nightlife; Sport and water games and so many other sports; Malta to see and discover; Festivals and activities for students; Parks, wildlife and entertainment; Annual events. Watch Now thousands of photos taken by SchoolsInMalta, watch videos and descriptions of this fantastic Maltese archipelago.

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Short introduction to Inlingua

InLingua Malta is an English school situated in Sliema, Malta commercial location, overlooking an elegant square and watching the promenade with many shops and restaurants. The school is part of Inlingua International with schools in different countries of the world.

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The school is accredited by EFL Monitoring Board and FELTOM. The headquarters of InLingua is modern, it has numerous and spacious air-conditioned classrooms all well equipped and some are with interactive multimedia blackboards. Inside you have free access to a small library and a student lounge. InLingua is one of the best positioned schools in Sliema, served within a few minutes walk with any kind of need. Inlingua Malta is one of the three authorized centers for the holding of Cambridge examinations.

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All Inlingua courses

After a placement test, you will be able to follow lessons of General English, Business English and private lessons, preparation courses for Cambridge exams, IELTS, TOEFL only in the morning or in the afternoon with students who have the same level of proficiency. Inlingua issues a certificate stating the level of knowledge achieved. The teaching method is traditional, some classrooms are equipped with multimedia projectors and the teachers are native English speakers. Teenagers and children attend the same building.

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Managed and affiliated Accommodations

To students who attend InLingua, we propose to stay in single or double room at the school residence located in St. Julians and served by shops, bars, restaurants, close to the beach. This is the most economical solution. If you require more comfort there’re several affiliated hotels in Sliema. You can stay in single or double room, at selected and authorized families. Teenagers can stay in the family and in the hotel with supervision during study trips.

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Edifici e classi
Presenza ristoranti e servizi entro 5min
Disponibilità alloggi gestiti o di proprietà
Presenza alberghi e residence entro 5min
Presenza Italiani, in proporzione