Who are we?

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We are the No. 1 in the world for choice of schools and courses in Malta. Book by InMalta, you won’t find better!

Malta is a small state, the only English mother tongue in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Only 400,000 inhabitants but more than 3 million tourists each year come from every part of the world.
Today Malta is a pearl that contains history, culture, art, archeology and more.

InMalta represents all English schools and colleges in Malta where it’s possible to study and refine the English language.

Each year more than 80,000 coursers come from every part of the world to study English in the Island of the Knights. These are high school graduates, University graduates, Laureates, professionals, families, teenagers, children or simply people who want to improve their language skills.


Our job is to advise and assist in choosing the area, the school, the accommodation, the course and give assistance to those who move in to Malta for a more or less time for a study vacation.

We represent all schools, but not being related to any of them in particular, we offer our services and our tips in the best way, without any conditioning.

All courses for adults, teenagers, children, families, even if booked through InMalta, have no additional costs, indeed there are many advantages that the trainees have thanks to agreements stipulated in the recent years.
Booking through InMalta is therefore much cheaper than contacting and booking directly with the schools.

We have decided to create this catalog in order to present in a clear and transparent manner and without any conditioning, all the possibilities for studying English In Malta.