Study vacation for teenagers

Give your children a unique experience of training and vacation

How to choose the School and the right course up to 17/18 years - teens

Is your son 12 to 17 years old?
This is the right program for him, or for her! A two or more week study holiday is a useful, fun, and educational experience. Many kids of your children's age come to Malta each year, during the summer, for a study holiday.
It's a smart way to learn and practice English. For your son, it will be a vacation, but it will be especially a period of time to practice the English that he’s already studying at school.


Why choose InMalta?
Teenagers' holiday studios, in Malta, are organized by almost all schools, some of which are specialized in this. There are several ways to choose a school: depending on the area, depending on the size, according to the activities and excursion program.
We know it's not easy and you may be confused, so we ask you to contact us and explain your needs and your children's needs . We will advise you on the appropriate schools and we will give you the quotes of the recommended schools in a short time. You will decide yourself, along with your children. It will be an unforgettable study holiday.

Why Malta?
Because it’s a safe place and the experience in the organization of adolescent study holidays is over 30 years.

In Malta it’s possible to go to the sea on sandy beaches, go hiking, do sports, activities but above all, attend English courses designed for children of all ages.

Teaching and refreshing the English language is interspersed with activities that, on the one hand, make the holiday fun for your children, on the other, they stimulate the conversation in English.

During the lessons and during all activities, boys and girls will be supervised by school leaders. We want all parents to be calm and serene while their children are staying in Malta.

The law in Malta is very strict and includes many prohibitions for children under 17. For example, it’s forbidden to smoke, drink alcohol, to enter the clubs and all younger children over the age of 17 will have timetables to be respected.

If, in the evening, they go out with the group-leaders (the "companions") they will still have to be in the group and respect rules and times.
Our policy obliges us to warn parents when it occurs, we hope it never happens, anything not conform to the conduct.
Your children will also know this. The second recall may result in the expulsion and the compulsory return to your country.

What’s included?
The package includes everything: when your children arrive at the airport they will be escorted to the residence or the host family according to your choice of accommodation.

Your children will stay with peers from over 30 different nations.
Boys with boys and girls with girls. If the chosen accommodation is in a residence a leader will sleep with them, if the chosen accommodation is in the family, it will be one of the host families regularly authorized by the Ministry of Tourism of Malta that has been working with us for years.
After your booking, we will assign your children to the family and you will have all the contacts, but also news such as family typology, names, phone contacts, addresses, parents' work, presence of other children and their ages, the presence of pets and other useful information.


Which course?
To book a package, a holiday studio for teenagers in Malta, means to leave nothing to chance.

Transport, accommodation, excursions, activities, supervision and, above all, interactive, dynamic, useful lessons thought for them.

Your kids will follow a course of 20 or 30 weekly sessions, depending on your choice.

Each session lasts 45 minutes, so they can attend a course of 15 or 22.5 hours a week. Before the beginning of the course, a test will allow the teacher to know the level of knowledge of English in order to adapt to the needs of your children.

Lessons will be interrupted by breaks during which your children will make friends and use English to talk.
Friendships usually continue even at distance after the children return to their country of origin.
Wherever the school is in Malta, your children will live a unique experience that combines study with fun, knowledge of places and friends from other nations.

They will return home with satisfaction and excitement.


What activities?
Activities are appropriate for your children's age. They will start with a nice welcome party, that will allow the kids to get to know each other and to unlock in English speaking.

There will be plenty of sports activities, such as beach volley or soccer.
Various activities and games on the sandy beaches. Depending on the school you choose and the "leisure" program, they can take part to the excursion to the capital Valletta, to the silent town of Mdina, other boat trips to Blue Grotto and a full day at Blue Lagoon, the nicest sea place to visit. All activities include transportation and are supervised by qualified leaders.


What insurance?
All students booking a vacation studio with InMalta will have free Insurance covering any kind of risk during the study holiday, even outside the school.

The insurance covers, for example, baggage loss, document loss, medical needs, liability to third parties, and more. Only InMalta offers you for free.