The cost of living in Malta

Maybe you are here by chance, deals with English courses in Malta, accommodations, internships, extra-curricular activities.

So many ways to save money without lowering the quality of services and lifestyle, that's why the help of SchoolsInMalta is important and offers you a not inconsiderable added value.

Are you thinking of moving to Malta to work? English is essential if you want to have good salaries than. With temporary jobs, in restaurants, occasional you will not earn much ... probably less than in your country. Are you an entrepreneur? If you do not speak English your revenue will not increase.
Study and perfect English in Malta for a few months, all the schools are cheap, once you know the territory you'll have 1000 and more possibilities: did you know that there are more than 30 job agencies? Are you ready TODAY to face an excellent interview in English?

Look at the reviews of English schools or, if you already know the territory, look out all the schools to choose the one in the area you prefer or that meets the budget you have set. Do you have doubts about the areas? If you need our help contact us in chat or via the contact form. If you are an entrepreneur and you want to open a company or an activity in Malta instead we can't help you, but you can collaborate with us from your Country.

The cost of living in Malta is lower than other countries in Europe, and wages are lower. But Malta is a very popular tourist destination, with over three and a half million tourists each year, so if you're not careful, you could spend a lot more than you should.

It is also true that if your profile is very skilled, there may be many companies interested in you, in this case, if the companies are "international", ie established in Malta but not Maltese, the salaries can be very high.

We have prepared, for students only, a small guide that you will receive FREE in PDF by booking a study holiday or in any case an English course. It is not a "commercial" product created to advertise this or that pcommercial local: it’s a collection of tips and suggestions on places and locals to make you spend correctly when you are here in Malta. We update it constantly, it will be very useful.

Sometimes we receive feedbacks on the cost of living ...

"My school is in Sliema, after lessons I don’t always go back home for lunch. Thanks to InMalta I have understood how to spend very little: a pizzetta 75 cents in a pastry " take away " shop, they are like Italian takeaways and they have the same good things :-) " Giorgio – Rome

You can save almost on everything, but having still a good service: our advices are not at the expense of quality. For example, if you need a taxi, there is a company that stands out from the others for fixed and very competitive prices, excellent quality vehicles, 24-hour service anywhere in Malta. They come everywhere with a phone call.
Are you still thinking that you can’t afford a study stay in UK or USA because it's too expensive? Come to Malta, you will spend much less. Contact us in chat or through the contact form.