TOEFL Certification in Malta

What you need to know about TOEFL in Malta

The TOEFL (acronym for Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a test that measures the language skills of students who are not native English speakers.

The TOEFL is mainly requested by US, UK, Canadian, Australian colleges and universities where courses are taught in English, but also by government agencies, international bodies and companies for exchange programs or scholarships. Together with IELTS it is one of the most used tests in the world for the assessment of the level of English competence as L2.

Over time, three different types of exam have been developed and used:

PBT (Paper Based Test)
It is the originally developed test. Based on applications in paper form, it has been progressively replaced by the CBT and IBT tests and is only provided in exam sites that do not have access to new information technologies .

CBT (Computer Based Test)
This type of test measures the same knowledge of the English language of paper tests, but is delivered to the computer in the local area, with the use of CD-ROM materials sent to the delivery centers. Introduced initially in the United States in 2001, this typology had two main objectives: to introduce adaptive elements in the test and to make the provision of tests more flexible and convenient. Contrary to paper tests, considering the adaptability of the test with a consequent variable number of questions depending on the answers given by the candidate, the score is not determined by the simple numerical evaluation of correct or incorrect answers, but by the difficulty of the applications.

IBT (Internet Based test)
The test delivered via Internet was introduced in the United States in September 2005 and its adoption was gradually extended to all centers in the rest of the world, replacing the old paper or computer-based tests that are then no longer provided. In addition to the features already introduced in the CBT, new activities such as oral production have been introduced, in order to more accurately measure the candidate's communication skills in real life and at university level.
The IBT exam is divided into four parts in order to test the linguistic skills of comprehension and production of both written and oral, with a short break in the examination between the understanding and the production section.

And in Malta?

The preparation for the TOEFL exams is not very widespread in Malta, this is because the IELTS and CAMBRIDGE certifications have gained the upper hand over the last few years. Not all schools in Malta are specialized in exam preparation courses, in fact some do not have qualified TOEFL teachers, others do not have classes at all levels. Although very few schools in Malta carry out the TOEFL preparation courses, InMalta can advise you, according to your level of English proficiency, the school that makes the TOEFL preparation most suitable for you. Remember that the TOEFL preparation course is always a little more expensive than the general English course, so do not compare prices with general English courses.

Examination Dates 2018 TOEFL in Malta

The dates of the TOEFL exams in Malta are established by ETS, the certification body that also establishes the "centers" where the exams are carried out: the exam sites, being an exam not much requested in Malta, can change often, so we prefer that you check the dates and locations on the website of the TOEFL iBTS certification body online.

In October 2017, the dates of the exams were published for Malta until February 2018. The exam in Malta takes place only at MSIDA.

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