After the course

What you need to know when back home

Follow our advice and you will not vanquish the achievements!

By returning from your stay in Malta, do not miss the contacts you've been exchanging with colleagues, teachers and all the international friends known during your training experience!
Beyond the human point of view, keeping in touch via skype, mail, social network etc. will always be a reason for your personal enrichment and a way to practice English even home, so you will not frustrate the results obtained during the course!
For this purpose, continue to revise your notes and the teaching material that the school has provided, speak or write in English as often as you can.
Keep in touch with us at InMalta! You will be able to keep up-to-date with all the new developments concerning the training industry and Maltese realities in general, so as not to deprive you of the opportunities and chances that you might have in the future. We care about our clients' formation and we embrace their confidence by responding to the need for information, creating a bridge between them and Malta, as well as offering them promotions and discounts.
If you like and want to share your experience with us and the other future graduates, tell us something about your trip, the reality you have lived, the school you attended, the service that InMalta has given you, the results and emotions Malta has given you!
Make a balance and send your opinion to, we will be grateful to you ( through your feedback we will be able to evaluate the quality of our work and the services we offer) and also the future graduates who will be able to rely on your experience for their choice!