Before the course

What you need to know before arriving in Malta

Prepare to experience a stimulating, entertaining and exciting training experience!

The Maltese archipelago is a very requested destination by the students who want to learn or improve their knowledge of English. This is because, in addition to the training industry, Malta offers extra-educational attractions of all kinds: beaches, locales, landscapes, museums, churches, sports of all kinds!
Before leaving, download our guides, follow our webinars and keep up-to-date on everything you need to know, we want to prepare and accompany you, we've worked out a lot of material to meet your needs of information and we will be at your complete disposal!
We have done our part and we continue to do as much as possible, but remember, most of the success of your experience also depends, if not primarily, on you!
Allow us to help you: understand what are your real needs, your priorities and your preferences . Set your goals and we will be able to advise you the best.
Review the notions you already know, bring along a small vocabulary and be optimistic and proactive: whatever your level of English is, in Malta you will be able to practice the language not only in school but also in everyday life and you will immediately notice the first improvements in language use!