During the course

What you need to know while you’re in Malta

Follow our advice and the balance of your trip will only be positive!

If you are a customer of InMalta, you will already know many things about Malta and you will be prepared to live your stay better.
When you arrive in Malta, this island will astonish you and it will be exciting for many reasons.In Malta you can "breath" an international reality from a point of view of the tourism, economy and cultural. You will have the opportunity to live unique experiences during your free time, take part in excursions, parties, boat rides, enjoy the beaches and the Mediterranean sun, practice lots of sport. Be open to the news and live up to the opportunities that Malta can offer you.
Discover the many attractions of this island and make sure that your curiosity and your spirit of traveler amplifies your formative experience: do not be inhibited if at first you will not be sure of your English, but take advantage of the Maltese stay to unlock every Inhibition and practice your language in everyday life!
In Malta you will be able to speak in English not only in class, but everywhere. So remember not to isolate yourself, don’t attend only people from your same country, but open up to new friends with other foreign students, you will learn and discover many more things and it will be a good reason for interesting cultural exchanges.
Follow the lessons carefully, do home exercises and the balance of your trip will only be positive!