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Seminars through the web to provide you with all the information you need!

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InMalta wishes to assist you in the choice of schools, courses, accommodations and wishes to offer you all kinds of information and support before, during and after your Malta study experience.
For this reason, our Communication Department offers you the opportunity to participate free of charge at our webinars. These are seminars where you can listen to our experts and interact with them, comfortably from your home, simply through an internet connection.
Scheduled webinars with cyclic cadence are:
How to choose school and adult course
How to Choose a Study Vacation for Teenagers
Offers and proposals for university graduates (internships and courses)
Leisure in Malta after lessons
Join now to the next webinar, it's simple and free. You will have the opportunity to hear, interact, ask, and have a clearer idea of what Malta can offer you!