Why study in Malta

10 good reasons to study in Malta

Studying English in Malta is a great alternative to England and Ireland

1. English is the mother tongue

Malta is the only English mother tongue State in the Mediterranean. The Maltese are in fact bilingual: they speak English and Maltese. English spoken in Malta is pure, without dialectical inflections, like spoken language in UK.


2. The best schools of the Mediterranean in Malta

Malta hosts over 40 schools and colleges that teach English to foreigners. Some are multinationals, some are very large, others small and family run. Over half of them are schools of excellence.


3. Qualified native speakers

All schools have only English native speakers or Maltese who are qualified to teach Language to foreigners. Schools with Canadian and Australian teachers make sure they have DELTA and CELTA certifications.


4. Exhibits of excellence

Many of the schools have state-of-the-art facilities, classes with interactive multimedia boards, air-conditioned, equipped with every comfort. Some have common canteens and common spaces to socialize and speak in English after the lessons. Many schools also have residences, great student flats and all offer accommodation in family.


5. Excursions and activities

In Malta, English is taking over not only at school but also during the excursions and afternoon activities thought for couriers and students. The archipelago's tourist nature makes frame to the classroom lessons. Even the night life, for the teenagers, stimulates to learn English and have relationships.


6. Great nationality mix

In Malta, students of more than 50 nationalities study English: Germans, Russians and Italians are the major number of them. All schools teach English to Brazilian, Korean, Colombian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and more. Every school is careful to respect a correct nationality mix.


7. Over 300 days of sunshine per year

The climate of Malta is mild and temperate throughout the year and never, in winter, the temperature drops below 12/15 degrees. From March to November you can wear summer clothing and stay outdoors, after Lessons, and continue to speak English under a beautiful sun. A great way to study English.


8. Fair prices, Low cost of living

Studying English in Malta costs less than in Great Britain, Ireland, USA and Australia: schools, even those of excellence, have very competitive prices and cost of life is low.


9. Easy to move

Getting to Malta is easy and economical from many European and Not European airports. The international airport of Malta is well connected. The public transport on the Maltese territory is economical and it reaches every part of the archipelago.


10. Discouraging non-existent action

Finding a part-time job to stay in your studies? In Malta it’s simple, especially for temporary and seasonal jobs. Malta has the lowest unemployment rate among the States in Europe. The more skilled profiles with experience and excellent knowledge of English, will have no difficulty finding a well paid job in many sectors.